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Acrylic is a rigid, transparent, thermoplastic material.

Naturally colourless and exceptionally clear, it can be pigmented to obtain a wide range of tints and colours with almost unlimited scope in varying light transmission and diffusion.

It is inert to many corrosive chemicals (subject to annealing) and has light transmission properties and resistance to weathering which are unrivalled by many other plastic materials.

A wide variety of industrial and artistic processes can be used to machine, fabricate or shape acrylic sheet.

Acrylic is also referred to as Perspex, Plexiglas or Lucite.

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Acrylic is available in a wide range of colours and styles.
Acrylic is also available in many thicknesses.
Acrylic is commonly used in display cases.

Acrylic is used in many applications, for example:

    > Illuminated Signs, Light Diffusers, etc.
  > Display Cases, Retail Display
  > Medical Usage, eg. incubators
  > Point of Sale & Shopfitting
  > Light Fittings, Skylights
  > Machine Guarding
  > Sunbed Screens
  > Sound Barriers
  > Greenhouses
  > Safety Panels


Download PDF

Perspex Colour Chart

Perspex Technical Datasheet
Perspex Workshop Handbook
Perspex Product Range
Plexiglas Technical Datasheet
Plexiglas Workshop Handbook
Plexiglas Guide



We stock many forms of acrylic in standard sheet sizes and cut-to-size panels from 2-40mm

Material Name Thk Sheet Sizes Misc
Extruded Acrylic 2-25mm 2050 x 3050
1220 x 2440
1525 x 2050
Clear, Anti-Glare,
Opals, Glass Look
Clear Cast Acrylic 3-50mm 2030 x 3040
1520 x 2030
Coloured Acrylics 3, 5, 8mm 2030 x 3040
1520 x 2030
Click here for colours
Tinted Acrylics 3, 5, 8mm 2030 x 3040
1520 x 2030
Click here for colours
Frosted Acrylics 3-12mm 2030 x 3040
1520 x 2030
Click here for colours



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