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Annealing of acrylics is an important step in the acrylic fabrication process. When the machining, bending or bonding of acrylic has been completed localised stresses are induced into the material as a result of heating up a small area. These stresses can manifest themselves as a crack or fracture at a later date when the material is subjected to heat, chemicals or heavy usage.

For example, on a sunbed screen we must bend the plastic on a line bender which introduces localised stresses along the bend line due to heating a small area of the acrylic. Without annealing simply cleaning the screen with a household cleaner, which is a common mistake made by tanning salons, will cause the area around the bend line to 'craze' (visible micro cracks) - if this same screen was annealed this would not occur because the annealing process removes this stress.

Annealing also improves the dimensional stability of a part, helps to reduce shrinkage and expansion and will prevent stress cracks from occurring on a tapped hole as annealing removes the stress introduced when the hole is drilled and tapped.

Atlas Plastics have 2 ovens capable of annealing items up to 1200 x 2200 x 600mm and at temperatures up to and exceeding 500oF




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