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Atlas Plastics are capable of fabricating a wide range of plastic materials and there are many processes available in house. We primarily fabricate in the materials listed below.

We are able to produce one offs or tens of thousands of parts in our fabrication workshop, we can also help you to design, troubleshoot and install your item if you require it.
Machined and bonded acrylic flange & tube, fully polished.
Acrylic stepped display card holder, bent, polished & bonded.
Fabricated polypropylene drip tray, machined, bent and welded.
PETG hopper, drape formed, machined and welded.





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Atlas Plastics specialize in fabricating the following plastics:

    > Acrylic
    > Polycarbonate
    > Polypropylene
    > Foam PVC
    > PETG
    > PVC

For more information and a datasheet on one of the materials above, please click the relevant material. If a material you require is not listed then please call us to discuss your requirement.

If you are not certain of which material is the best for your application then we can advise you as to which is the most suitable.

    > Line Bending
        Bend rigid plastic sheets to any angle, up to 3000mm.
    > Bonding & UV Bonding
        Bubble free bonding of Acrylics.
    > Plastic Welding
        Weld PP, PE, PVC, PC, PETG etc
    > CNC Routing
        Computer controlled profiling to any shape.
    > Annealing
        Remove stress from formed plastics.
    > Drape Forming
        Create wide bends and other simple shapes.
    > Flame Polishing
        Polish and remove sharp edge from acrylic.
    > Dome Blowing
        Create hemispheres up to 610mm dia.
    > Press Forming
        Forming of acrylics with high gloss/clarity.
Diamond Polishing
        Crystal clear, stress free edges on acrylic.
Laser Cutting
        Cutting of Acrylic with polished edge.
Vinyl Printing and cutting
        Printing and application of vinyl graphics.
For more information on a process above please click on the yellow text corresponding to the process you are interested in.

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Clear 8mm acrylic machine guard with hinged access door Clear acrylic display cover for a museum Clear acrylic display case with tube mount for a signed football
Large polypropylene shipping container, 8ft x 4ft x 4ft Bespoke polypropylene drip tray, bent and welded Bespoke tool cabinet, bent and welded polypropylene
Edge lit cnc engraved sign Large polypropylene tank, 12mm thick with steel strengthening bands Large polypropylene tank
Flat packed acrylic christmas tree. Flat packed foam PVC display stand Moulded UV Acrylic sunbed screens.

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