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Flame polishing is ideal for polishing thin edges of acrylic, especially clear extruded sheet for point-of-sale items because it is fast and effective. A good routered or scraped edge is essential for flame polishing.

The technique requires practice to achieve the desired level of skill. Only the slightest impingement of the hottest part of the flame is required as the operator rapidly passes the flame across the work. Annealing of the workpiece will be necessary if the flame polished edges are to be cemented or decorated as flame polishing induces stresses into the acrylic.

Flame polishing can be difficult on certain heavily pigmented colours resulting in a matt finish or discolouration, buffing or diamond polishing is advised for colours where possible, however diamond polishing will only polish a straight edge and buff polishing is more labour intensive.

Atlas frequently polish the edges of point of sale products using this method and have 2 flame polishers capable of supporting 4 users.

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Holding the torch at the correct distance and correct length of time polishes the edge.

The finished part is polished and its sharp edge removed.


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