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With our Laser Cutter we can offer a high quality, polished finish straight off the machine in thicknesses of up to 40mm. The 400w laser is capable of cutting highly intricate patterns in sheets of up to 3 x 2 metres. Laser Cutting is a non contact form of machining that uses a highly focused laser beam to vaporise the material as it cuts, leaving behind a clean flame polished edge - particularly on Acrylic panels.

Our laser is also capable of etching (rastering) over the full 3 x 2 area. Using this technique we can etch photographs or company logos into the surface of the acrylic we are cutting.

The laser cutter is ideal for cutting out point of sale acrylic items as the cut item is immediately ready for bending therefore bypassing the need for any secondary finishing such as scraping and flame polishing.

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Edge Lit Signs can be laser etched and cut, when lit on its edge a neon effect is revealed.
Cutting Acrylic on the laser produces a highly polished edge, superior to flame polishing.
We can also laser cut many different letter styles with a polished edge.
Cast Acrylic is the ideal material to be laser cut, MDF, Plywood and other woods will have a black edge.

> Acrylic
> Plywood
> Slate
> Styrene
> Coated Metals (Etching)
> Ceramic
> Melamine
> Paper
> Steel (Etching)
> Corian

If a material you require is not listed then please call us to discuss your requirement. If you are not certain of which material is the best for your application then we can advise you as to which is the most suitable.

To get a quote for a Laser Cut item you can send your own drawing files to us via e-mail and we accept the following file formats:

> Autocad - DWG
> Autocad - DXF
> Corel Draw
> Adobe Illustrator
> Jpeg, BMP

Alternatively visit the contact page.

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