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Line bending is a process whereby a plastic sheet is heated along a small area until the plastic reaches its forming temperature, the sheet is then placed into a cooling jig that is designed to cool the plastic sheet into its newly formed shape.

    There are three stages to performing a line bend:

      1 - Heat the sheet along a bend line,
      2 - Bend the sheet, usually by hand,
      3 - Secure the sheet into a cooling jig.

This process is done using a line bender (also referred to as a strip heater) which is a machine that uses tensioned wire that is heated, when this wire is placed in close proximity to the material the plastic is heated along that bend line.

Atlas Plastics have three line benders capable of producing up to 4 bends simultaneously at a length of up to 3000mm and in plastics up to 12mm thick.




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Tensioned wires positioned just below the workpiece allow the sheet to be bent.

Wide radii can be achieved using either our line bender or sheet heater.

Here a bender is shown with 4 double sided beams.


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