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Polycarbonate is the toughest transparent plastic available, with good mechanical strength in a temperature range of -100 - +120 degrees Celsius.

The impact resistance of Polycarbonate is 15 - 20 times higher than that of Acrylic sheet, making it ideal for machine guarding and safety items like helmets and eye protection. Polycarbonate is also ideal for roofing and greenhouses.

Polycarbonate is also known as Lexan or Makrolon.

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Makrolon is one of the brand names of Polycarbonate that we stock.
Polycarbonate is available in sizes up to 3 x 2m and in thicknesses of 2-12mm
Because of its high impact resistance, polycarbonate is used for eye/face protection and machine guarding.

Polycarbonate sheets are best suited to high-impact / high-risk environments where other plastics would shatter or break:

> Safety Glazing
> Machine Guarding
> Bus Stops / Poster Covers
> Protective Shields
> Eye Protection / Visors
> Skylights
> Greenhouses

We stock polycarbonate in standard sheet sizes and cut-to-size panels from 2-12mm

Click here for our range of polycarbonate sheets.


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